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What People Are Saying

"Regular therapy felt like it gave me better intellectual understandings of challenges I had but no actual progress. Whereas working with Zoe I actually get shifts, and fast. My subjective opinion is that if you've spent money on any other therapies you should try at least 1-3 sessions with Zoe. I suspect you'll wish you'd started sooner."
--Carson, Venture Capitalist


“Every session far surpasses my expectations in number + depth of insights, even when I think I’ve adjusted my expectations based on the last session.”

--Steven, Tech Consultant


“Zoe introduced me to key concepts and tools around trauma, somatic overwhelm, self-care, boundaries, and introspective clarity that have completely transformed my life—she helped me leave a job that was killing me, improve my marriage, be a better father and trust my spiritual path. I thank her every week, and mean it.”

--Ben, Product Manager

"One of my biggest fears was of having to experience painful and overwhelming emotions in order to “do the work.” Zoe has been incredibly understanding of this, and from the beginning she's been deeply sensitive and uniquely attentive to my changing emotional states throughout our sessions. This...has been a game-changer for me and I think one of the key reasons why I’ve been able to make such meaningful progress in our work together. 

I strongly believe Zoe to be capable of supporting people with a wide range of problems, due to her highly perceptive and empathetic nature


I would especially recommend her to anyone with a love of learning and discovering new patterns and connections! My desire to learn new things is a big motivator for me in all areas of my life, and with Zoe I have found a way to turn this desire inwards. With Zoe’s help, so many problems in my life that I would have previously found overwhelming and exhausting are now just extremely fascinating; situations I’d ordinarily run away from become opportunities for learning about the mind and human behavior, like a very special kind of practical philosophy."

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