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Zoe Curzi Coaching

Trauma-Informed Life Coaching

Hello, I’m Zoe. I help folks with trauma processing, life planning, and spiritual development.

I noticed early in my work that people weren’t always getting the support they needed from therapy— despite going to every readily available mainstream resource. So I set off to find alternative approaches to human development. I wanted to know, how does healing actually work? What skills & supports allow people to truly transform?


My training has taken me from theater conservatories to psychology think tanks to shamanic firesides, and I’ve studied everything from goal-setting fundamentals to somatic processing. I’m honored every day to share the gems of this journey with clients.

I'd love to work with you! Book a free consultation below.

About Me.

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About the Work

I specialize in helping folks who have been stuck for a long time on the same problem get unstuck. 

A Few Things We Might Do in Session:

  • Healing trauma

  • Applying tools for negative self-talk, shame, or emotional overwhelm

  • Mapping core beliefs about powerlessness

  • Skill-building for romantic, family, or work relationships (setting boundaries, creating trust)

  • Recovering from ideological groups, cults, or memetic tribes

  • Making ambitious dreams actionable

  • Resolving internal conflict

  • Identifying virtues best suited to approach a problem (i.e. courage, patience, humor, curiosity, rigor)

  • Articulating your values and goals

  • Expanding your existing strengths to more domains in your life

  • Reconnecting with your intuition & purpose


My Core Beliefs:

  1. Most anxiety, depression, thought loops, or mental blocks can be traced to events from the past. I offer gentle tools to thoroughly discharge the emotional intensity of those events.

  2. We can act effectively toward goals without self-blame, willpower, force, or tricking yourself. I provide tools for integrating resistance without giving up our dreams and ambitions.

  3. Any challenge not yet resolved is a challenge not fully understood! No matter how well we understand our problems, if the struggle continues, we’re usually missing some key insights. I provide tools that lead us right to those missing pieces.

Primary Training & Influences:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS, or “parts work”)

  • Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing (articulating somatic experiences)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT, anchoring in reality when triggered)

  • Charting (mapping & questioning core beliefs around powerlessness)

  • Trauma Processing

  • various spiritual, artistic, and energy-based traditions

It's important for clients to know that while I have extensive training, I'm not a licensed therapist or psychologist, and I don't treat severe mental health conditions.

Clients Include:

  • Twitch, Facebook, & Google Employees

  • Graduates of Stanford, MIT, Brown, Duke, and NYU Tisch

  • Venture capital CEOs, crypto entrepreneurs, AI safety researchers, environmental activists, and more


Book a free consultation to feel out if we're a good match.



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